Creating Conscious Leadership with Dr. Assaad Mounzer and Patrick Vaca, MA

How often have you heard the quote “You have to leave your baggage at the door”, how successful would you say you are at leaving your baggage at the door…every single day?

What if you gave yourself permission to bring your baggage with you and still be completely effective as a leader? And what if you could teach your teammates how to bring their best to work despite what is happening in their personal lives?

The responsibility of leadership is to ensure direction, alignment and commitment within teams and to guide and inspire others to be their best…all the time.

Your Facilitators:

Dr. Assaad Mounzer is a Professional Certified Coach and a Certified MLP Mindfulness teacher. He is a motivational speaker, an author, a mentor, and a talented coach. He is a Board-Certified Urologist who experienced burnout and made a successful transition to becoming a certified professional coach and mindfulness teacher. Part of his mission is to assist professionals who are experiencing the negative effects of stress get in touch with the wisdom within themselves, regain their enthusiasm and inner peace, build resilience to prevent burnout, and live a meaningful life in alignment with their values and purpose.

Patrick Vaca, MA is a leadership and team dynamics expert with over 25 years of healthcare experience. His passion is helping individuals and teams get beyond the tension and become more real in their conversations so that trust is built and collaborative decision making becomes the norm. As a former individual and family therapist, Patrick brings the human element of effective communication and self – awareness to the forefront of the work he does. His goal is to help others achieve their best results whether as individuals or as part of a team so that you can consciously create the life you love.


Jun 19 2021


9:00 am - 12:30 pm



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Dr. Assaad Mounzer


Dr. Assaad Mounzer
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