Provider Spotlight

Janelle M. Fleck, MAEd., LCMHC

Returning To You, LLC
Intuition Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist
Phone: 704-908-6920

Accepts United Healthcare Insurance and is in network with BCBS

Hello and thank you for considering the Returning To You to assist you on your personal journey of healing and personal growth. I provide professional, compassionate, ethical care designed to meet the individual, specific needs of my clients with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Seeking help is a vulnerable and brave decision and I would value the opportunity to be your partner and guide on this journey. I hope to be able to support you in creating sustainable and profound changes in your life. My mission is to empower my clients with the tools to heal to bring forward their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit. My experience includes but is not limited to treating: post-traumatic stress, a range of anxiety and depressive disorders, ADHD, relational difficulties, life transition challenges, addiction and co-dependency related issues, and teen-specific issues.

I have been a licensed, treating mental health therapist since January of 2006 and have practiced in both Ohio and North Carolina in a variety of settings. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families throughout my career. Originally from Buffalo, New York, I have made Charlotte my home since my move in 2015. I have served a wide range of ages as well as personal and relational challenges. Additionally, I also have 6 years of experience providing clinical supervision and enjoy assisting newer therapists in their professional development. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, running, hiking, and spending time with my close friends and family.

Philosophy of Care: I believe that every individual and every relationship is both unique and complex, a system of interdependent parts. I also believe that people have more strength and resiliency within them than they can often recognize. These beliefs underpin my therapeutic style of an empowering, collaborative partner and coach. We explore your unique strengths, as well the complex factors that have contributed to your current challenges before intervening. I believe that within us all lies our own solutions, we simply need to learn how to access this intuitive self and have the courage to allow it to guide us. The goal is to assist you in uncovering those personal insights that will allow you to find the solutions that are right for You. This personal growth opens doors to new options for responding to life’s ongoing challenges that are sustainable and powerful. Change is an inevitable part of life, but I believe personal and relational growth is a choice. It is challenging work and sometimes, painful feelings and/or memories can surface that temporarily may make things feel worse before they feel better. It is important to feel and acknowledge these emotions as part of the healing process to move forward. Commitment and trusting in yourself and the process is essential and when the effort is made, major positive shifts can happen!

Treatment approach: My theoretical approach for individual treatment is strength-focused and solution-focused, to support you in moving through the stages of change. For those that are open and ready to make the personal commitment to deeper healing and growth, I offer an individualized meditation coaching program as well.