Provider Spotlight

Melissa Giles

One Love Prana
Pranic Healer

Melissa brings her extensive background in medicine and complementary healing to her energy healing sessions. With a firm belief in our innate ability to self-heal, she shares her understanding that our bodies have all the tools to be in a state of optimal health when in a state of balance.

As a nurse for nearly 30 years, yoga teacher, pranic healer and reiki practitioner, she combines her experiences to help others achieve their optimal well being. She’s been known to also pull out an essential oil or two, use sound healing bowls, or tuning forks to assist in the healing session.

Having a deep connection with our Creator allows Melissa to feel divinely guided when working with others. She describes her experience with working with energy as being subtly profound, and a tremendous gift for us all.

Her overall message to others is that you are worthy and capable of feeling your very best. There are many tools to complement your healing journey.

Whether you are new to energy healing or have been tapping into the field for a while, it would be an honor and privilege to serve and accompany you on your journey. Email me for more information or to set an appointment.