Provider Spotlight

Blanca Ortiz

Blooming Balance
Reiki Master Teacher

When the going gets tough, the tough get Blanca, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Graduate Certified Holistic Health Coach of Blooming Balance.

Born in the Bronx, Blanca has a non-judgmental, holistic approach for women ready to heal from within. She has the most experience addressing the underlying causes of irritable bowel disorders, anxiety, fear, infertility, overwhelm, stress, autoimmune & hormonal issues, as well as food and energy sensitivities. With a strong empathic sense, she is on a mission to guide each soul to feel at peace with and move beyond past traumas, emotional/mental blockages, and toxic elements that are hindering them from embracing their natural healing power.

Blanca keeps it real. Real simple with everyday tools to bring yourself back to center - anytime, anywhere - using energy healing and holistic health coaching. Professionally, she holds undergraduate degrees from UNC-Charlotte in Marketing & Spanish. Then, she went on to pursue a Master's in Holistic Nutrition at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, where she received a Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching. When not with clients, Blanca is always first & foremost a proud mama, who loves hiking, paddleboarding, practicing yoga, reading, listening to astrology, traveling, sharing clean (organic/non-GMO) eating & living a non-toxic lifestyle.

If you want to leave a session feeling like you're in a bubble of serenity, or as Pamela would say, "If you are looking for a healer that is not only intuitive but genuinely cares about her clients, please consider Blanca - she is amazing!"