Provider Spotlight

Mike and Stacy Sweeney

BrainWise Solutions
Certified Professional Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Neurofeedback
Phone: 704-327-5911

Mike Sweeney:

With over 26 years of business and leadership experience, Mike has faced many challenges and gained valuable insights along the way. His professional journey led him to become a certified professional coach (CPC) and most recently, a board eligible certified health and wellness coach. By combining the benefits of both executive and health coaching, he is equipped to help growth and change-minded individuals achieve personal and professional development through engagement, partnership, and challenge.

Mike’s military and entrepreneurial background form the foundation of his leadership, coaching, and business expertise. His career has taught him that servant leadership principles lead to personal success and contributes greatly to the achievements of those around him. Focusing upon the success of those entrusted to him, personally and professionally, has shaped the successful trajectory of his career. This servant minded focus is what allowed Mike to build his latest organization from 6 to 170 employees, to a $40 million venture, and sell to a Fortune 500 Company, all in 36 months.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA from Liberty University. He is currently working to become an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Executive Coach and will take the Medical Board of Examiner’s health coaching exam this fall. He is also husband to his business partner, Stacy, of 27 years, and father to nine, a set of triplets and 6 through adoption.

If you desire to make changes in your life, either professionally, personally, or both, Mike is the coach with the right combination of skills and experience to help you achieve your best self.

Stacy Sweeney:

Stacy’s journey into functional medicine began after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and after watching her own mother suffer from one for years. She quickly embraced the motto of food as medicine and found that dietary and lifestyle change worked better than prescriptions to restore her health. In an effort to help others experience improved health, she found the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, where she was trained in Positive Psychology, Character Strengths Interventions, Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, and Mind-Body Medicine. She brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into her role as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. With her early training as a physical therapist, she has always enjoyed working with clients to help them live their best, most active lives.

She has experience helping clients deal with chronic illness, neurological issues such as ADHD, ADD, trauma, addictions, sleep issues, fatigue, and cognitive decline and loves helping worn-out moms. Stacy creates an alliance with her clients, offering support and resources, as they work on behavior and lifestyle changes needed to promote better health. She and her husband Mike, enjoy coach couples, helping them embrace better health together.

With a keen interest in brain health and chronic illness, Stacy has become certified as an Amen Clinic Certified Brain Coach and is currently working on becoming a Bredesen Certified Health Coach. She is also a certified Heart Math Mentor, a program that has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety. She also holds a second Master’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness, with an emphasis on Nutrition.

Stacy and her husband Mike offer neurofeedback to further assist their clients.