Provider Spotlight

Susie Deaver

Susie Deaver Wellness
Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist & Licensed Spiritual Healer

Susie is passionate about helping others achieve emotional and structural well-being by incorporating essential oils into their daily lives. She specializes in techniques that enhance the body’s ability to detox and improve the function of the immune system. Susie teaches classes on how to incorporate 100% therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils into everyday living such as cleaning, skin care, supplements, and hormone and immunity support. She can also help you develop a personal wellness program to strategically ‘ditch and switch’ your toxic personal and household products in order to live a healthier chemical-free life.

Susie believes wellness is a journey affected by the day-to-day choices we make in all areas of our life and strives to empower others to do their research and be the gatekeepers of what they allow into their homes and bodies.