Provider Spotlight

Hilda Trinh

Akashic Record Readings, Akashic Crystal Blueprints, Reiki Master
Phone: 704-750-1222

Serving the community means showing not just the best parts of myself but also the worst. Healers are also human. We feel. My name is Hilda and I help serve in ways that help you reconnect with your authentic self.

My authentic self is feeling alive in everything I do. It is to recognize and become aware of limiting beliefs that stops us from our passions. My journey started at a young age and I soon learned that my gifts are here to serve others. I am a certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Akashic Record Practitioner, and pioneer of the Akashic Crystal Blueprint

I grew up in a conscious community at the early ages of my life and being around Buddhist monks and nuns gave me the tools needed to live in a meaningful and mindful way. While I struggled to understand why my peers couldn't feel as deeply as I did, I soon realized that everything I learned was a lot easier taught than experienced.

I learned lessons and had experiences that shaped me into who I am today but I've made choices that has shed my doubts, fears, and beliefs that no longer served me in order to step into my authentic self. And that was not easy. When you are your authentic self, and when you can express how you really feel, that is truly living. I have practiced meditation for over 10 years, and to this day, mindfulness is still teaching me many things I have yet to know about myself.

The healers journey isn't easy because we have to look deep within ourselves and untangle the karmic knots that were tied even before we could make decisions on our own. We are ALL healers. I am here to help you come back to your truest self and empower you with the tools to live the life that you want. Healing starts when YOU want it to.

Allow me to empower you on healing your soul. Because when you can listen to your heart and express yourself, magic happens.