Provider Spotlight

Melissa Urrea Restrepo

MelBlu's Infusion & Wellness Studio, PLLC
Phone: 704-402-5010

Melissa Urrea Restrepo MSN, FNP-BC, Owner & Nurse Practitioner is originally from Miami Fl with a Hispanic background. She has worked in the medical field as an ER nurse since 2015 and has always had a passion for fitness and motivating others on how to be fit and healthy.

Growing up, Melissa gives credit to her mother for raising her to always be healthy and stay strong in your goals.

In April 2022, Melissa decided to take a leap and open her own business to do just that; give hope to those who need it and to those who need a little more encouragement, organization, or structure to their health and wellness goals. In addition to health and wellness, Melissa brings an eye for aesthetics offering Botox and fillers for those clients who want to add a little to their anti-aging regime.