Provider Spotlight

Christiane Matey, MHS, RDN, LDN

MINT Nutrition
Integrative Dietitian
Phone: 704-330-0907

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In addition to the decades, I've spent crafting foods from scratch in kitchens, I am also a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a graduate of the Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) Program in Integrative Medicine from George Washington University.

Technically speaking, I'm an integrative and functional dietitian with a depth of experience in health, wellness, and fitness. Translated, this means that I bring you (my amazing clients!) into the discovery process of your own health, and tailor your plan to specifically address your unique needs as a whole person. Not just certain parts of you or symptoms, but you as a complex human being comprised of experiences, history, genetics, physiology, and lifestyle choices.


One on one coaching session

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans

Cooking Demonstration

Grocery Store Tours

Integrative & Functional Labs

Lab Review

Areas of Focus

Gastrointestinal Issues

Weight Management

Anti-Ageing and Metabolic Medicine

Athletic Performance