Provider Spotlight

Jill Branch

Body Transcendence
LMBT, Advanced Structural Integrator
Phone: 980-494-3381

Throughout her years of practicing massage therapy, Jill observed that even when people did all the things they were supposed to do…stretch, exercise, massage, etc., they still had chronic pain and tension. With chronic headaches and neck pain herself, she wanted to find something that worked differently.

Jill was introduced to structural integration (SI) through a colleague. He worked on places no one ever had in a way no one ever had. After a few sessions, her headaches didn’t come back. And she realized SI was the change she was looking for, for herself and her clients.

Jill has a B.S. in Psychobiology from Long Island University. She became a licensed massage therapist in 2006 and began an extensive mentorship at the Institute for Structural Integration in 2015. Structural integration is a process of bodywork that restructures your entire body. Through a series of sessions focused on balancing your fascial web and bone structure, your specific pattern of tension is replaced with a balanced pattern — one that provides openness, alignment, and freedom from pain.

Structural integration is ultimately about positive change, and Jill is here to guide you along your journey. Whether your goal is to get rid of chronic back pain or get deeper into yoga poses, she has successfully helped clients improve their lives through the process.