Provider Spotlight

Linda Ohlandt, LMBT, CMLDT

Akeru Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist
Phone: 201-981-5585

A native of New Jersey, Linda became a Nationally Board-Certified Massage Therapist in 2002. Living so close to New York, Linda decided to return to school to obtain her Clinical License in New York in 2005. After working in both states for nearly 17 years, Linda decided to obtain her next license and move to North Carolina in 2019.

At a young age, Linda became interested in manual therapy when she observed her severely handicapped brother receiving treatments by a visiting home Occupational Therapist. He was born with a deformity which left him with severe scoliosis, muscle atrophy, unable to walk and talk and a host of other medical challenges. But with therapy, he was able to breath easier, he was able to move and be moved easier. She also noticed that his spirit became lighter, he smiled and laughed more. But life happened, and it wasn’t until she had a family of her own that she became inspired to learn more about the healing powers of Touch.

In 2016, Linda found herself wanting to further put her clinical training to use by seeking work with an Integrative Wellness Center within a hospital in New Jersey. It was the best of both worlds, coming across a plethora of conditions, especially breast cancer. She then became interested in Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy and became a certified practitioner in 2017. Although there is no cure for Lymph Edema, Linda has witnessed the positive affects of this treatment firsthand. Aside from Lymph Edema, Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy can be used for many conditions. Common conditions that benefit from MLDT are: inflammatory conditions, allergies, pre & post-surgery, auto-immune disorders, anxiety, depression, scar reduction, concussion, vertigo, sinus congestion, sleep disorders. More research is being done to explore if problems with lymphatic system play a role in neurological disorders as well which may affect concussions, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and MS.

Linda enjoys spending time in nature hiking and kayaking. She also enjoys yoga, and sometimes horseback riding; and always playing with her Aussiedoodle Jax.