Provider Spotlight

Catherine Crane

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
QHHT Practitioner

I have always believed that the answers we are looking for lie within us. After I had experienced my own personal QHHT session, I immediately recognized how powerful and therapeutic this practice could be for those who are seeking this inner wisdom and knowledge. I became a practitioner to share this powerful process with those who are seeking it.

A QHHT session allows you to get in touch with your “higher self”, your “higher consciousness”, the part of you that has all of the answers to all of your life questions that you’ve been longing to know. A seeker of QHHT is typically looking to understand their life purpose and/or to understand family, work, life or health issues. It’s a longing for both a deeper awareness of your current life and perhaps past lives and how to move forward in the best way possible.

I look forward to facilitating your journey inward!