Provider Spotlight

Michael Anthony

The Spiritual Health Coach
Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist
Phone: 908-418-7185

At 29 years old, I had major back surgery that left me physically devastated and mentally depressed. I could barely walk and was riddled with crippling panic attacks. After numerous unsuccessful appointments with doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, nothing seemed to work. This is where I discovered energy work and hypnotherapy as well as the correlation with how the body holds on to past traumas and the energetic imprint of these pained stories. What I also discovered is how this traumatic moment in my life that I originally labeled as "bad" turned out to be the greatest gift I had ever received. I was forced to stop running around and get in tune with my life. Corporate career paths that I assumed I should be on came to a screeching halt and every breadcrumb laid before my eyes led me to the exact location I needed to be...they all led directly back to me.

As an Intuitive Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitioner of my own medicine, I would love to assist you back to yourself. This is where true healing happens.

As an empath and an exceptionally deep feeler who has experienced sexual trauma, shame, abandonment, physical pain and being at least 60 pounds overweight, I learned that we need to listen to our bodies and then show up for ourselves. It would be an honor for me to assist you to show up for yourself. There is no piece of you that is broken. It is just time to surrender to what you are running from in order to transition and transform into a place of peace and empowerment. Together WE can guide you there.