Provider Spotlight

Lindsey Mann

In Joy Yoga and Wellness
Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Mediumship-Yoga-Meditation-Astrology-Reiki
Phone: 704-619-2582

“The divine gift of intuitive mediumship, years of nursing experience united with holistic healing modalities creates a unique transformation for my clients.”

Lindsey is a natural healer. Her spiritual healing journey began after she discovered her intuitive abilities while providing hospice care and making a big move to North Carolina from Massachusetts. She sought guidance from a psychic medium on how to navigate life with her intuition and to learn to trust what she was inherently feeling and knowing.

She started taking courses, attended workshops, traveled the world and became certified in different alternative & holistic healing modalities.

Lindsey brings her intuitive gifts and holistic healing wisdom to her sessions and classes. Her strong connection to the other side and the spirit realm assists in guiding her clients to live a life of purpose and joy by tuning in to their own energetic vibration and healing from the inside out.

She believes everyone has the ability to meditate and create their own unique practice to stabilize their nervous system and connect with their highest self. It wasn’t until she practiced meditation regularly that her dreams and goals began to flourish. She left a 15-year career in nursing to pursue her dream of supporting people to truly heal and connect with their internal self.

She has also developed a passion to work with the next generation, athletes and other mothers through yoga and meditation, all to create a more mentally and emotionally balanced community.

She offers one on one sessions as well as small group classes.