Provider Spotlight

Kelly Mahoney

Dynamic Massage
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Phone: 631-872-2420

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, with a drive to continue learning and to educate clients ever since. Dedicated to uncovering your hidden imbalances, I work with you in order to customize a treatment specifically for your short-term and long-term goals. I take my time at intake to ask you questions, and it may not seem relevant to you at first, but in time you will understand why I asked those questions. I do not pry into your personal life, but I may ask questions about your left broken arm from 20 years ago, as you complain of an issue at your right hip.

I understand; kinesiology, connective tissue, compensation patterns, trigger points, that every bone in our body moves in response to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and the connective tissue of our organs can affect how we feel and move as well as the health of the organ. I understand that our emotions and thoughts, past and present influence our health. I understand that no two minds or bodies are the same, nor will they respond to the same exact treatment. I understand these things because I study them, and with your permission, I implement the concepts into your treatment.

I firmly believe that our health has many layers and there can easily be multiple factors for our aches, pains and chronic issues. I find a mixed-modality approach is quite effective for all my clients.

I need to help your sympathetic nervous system calm down before we get started on any problem areas.

Deep tissue should be effective, not painful. It's about getting to deeper muscles, not about how deep my elbow can push. So, I work from superficial muscles to deeper muscles - with success.

Cupping during my treatments includes some gliding to release restrictions around and leading to the problem area. I'm not looking to create 'cupping bruises' for the sake of a good story. I want positive results for you.

Acupressure is actually gentle pressure in order to feel and balance the energy at an acupressure point. Too much pressure can stop the Qi from flowing at the point, which is counter-productive.

Essential oils and liniments are great aids.

CranioSacral therapy and visceral manipulation are great assessment tools as well as treatment modalities.

I hope the above information about my approach to massage therapy has motivated you to reclaim well-being!