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Stretch Spa Lake Norman
Stretch Therapists
Phone: 704-326-6169

Do something spectacular for your Body AND Your Mind!

Greetings, Wayne Coolidge and Kim Rodes welcome you to Stretch Spa Lake Norman, a new and unique blend of assisted stretch therapy and infrared sauna.

Imagine experiencing an immensely therapeutic stretch session, then sliding into our luxurious infrared sauna blankets, allowing the heat to work its magic. Feel your tension melt away as your muscles and joints gently warm, promoting increased circulation, detoxification, pain relief, rejuvenation, and relaxation like never before.

Here's what sets us apart - at Stretch Spa Lake Norman, we take your comfort to the next level. While wrapped in our sauna blanket, we focus on stretching your lower extremities, including calves, ankles, and feet. This unique approach ensures that every inch of your body receives the attention it deserves and no one else is doing it.

Take a virtual tour to see our serene space and get ready to embark on a wellness journey at Stretch Spa Lake Norman in the new year like no other.