Provider Spotlight

The Well for Health
Conventional & Complimentary Medicine
Phone: 704-459-5296

The Well for Health is a forward-thinking practice that embraces both conventional and complementary medicine based on sound research evidence. The practice was founded by Nurse Practitioner Diane Parks, a highly qualified professional with many years of experience in health care. Her team at The Well for Health consists of medical staff, health coaches, therapists, medical nutritionists, and patient care coordinators who work together to diagnose your condition and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you.

Every patient who contacts The Well for Health receives a free 15 minute telephone consultation with a member of the team before visiting the clinic. You also complete an online form detailing your medical history, so the team has all the information they need before you attend your first appointment. When you come in, you spend up to an hour with the team discussing your medical history, current symptoms, and any concerns, and they examine your general health as well as the area of concern that’s prompted your visit. If you need any tests, the team discusses them with you, and when the results are returned, you attend a second appointment to go through the treatment plan prepared for you.

This comprehensive approach to assessing your health is a critical element of the philosophy of The Well for Health, where staff recognizes the importance of getting to the root cause of any health condition to facilitate the most effective course of treatment.