Terms and Conditions – Monthly Suite Rentals

Lease is a month-to-month agreement that will automatically renew every month unless tenant provides a minimum 15-day written notice to Soul. Lease period ends the last day of each month. For example, April 30th or May 31st. Lease payment is due the 1st of the month and any payments made after the 5th will incur a $25.00 late fee. If a lease payment has not been made by the 10th of the month, tenant’s access code to the center will be shut off, key lock changed and suite cleaned out. Lease payments to be made preferably by check.  There is a lock box in the breakroom where checks can be deposited.


Tenants will furnish their own suites and have access to practice 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Tenants renting month-to-month will be provided a key to lock their individual suite. Suites rented month-to-month may be decorated and furnished however the tenant desires so long as no permanent fixtures are installed without the written consent of Soul. If tenant desires to end lease, Soul needs this information in writing by the 15th of the month prior to termination. If Soul or Tenant desires to terminate the lease, notice of expiration to be given by the 15th of the month. If tenant ends lease, all items must be removed from the suite and the suite cleaned by 12AM of the last day of the month.
Soul will charge $50 cleaning fee if suite is not left empty and clean.

Liability and Insurance:

Soul shall not be responsible or have any obligation to protect the property of the tenant from fire, water, theft, or any other loss of damage. It is the tenant’s responsibility to obtain insurance against any losses the tenant may suffer, whether personal injury or damage to property.  Tenants are required to add “Soul Wellness, Inc.” as Additional Insured to their insurance policy and provide a copy of their certificate of insurance to Soul.  Additionally, providers must provide a copy of their State License (if applicable) to Soul.  

Fire code:

No lit candles are permitted in Soul. Electrical equipment should be approved by Soul. Electrical cords must be grounded. Two pronged electrical cords are not permitted. Electrical cords from lamps, fans, etc. must not be frayed, cracked spliced or taped and must plug directly into electrical outlet. Surge protectors cannot be chained together. Surge protectors must be UL listed. Tenant must comply with current fire code previsions. Other restrictions may be necessary as situations warrant.


Soul hours are 8am to 5pm on Monday – Sunday. Tenants have 24/7 access to Soul with an access code after hours to practice anytime.  Please be mindful of other tenants and keep voices lowered while in common areas.
Tenants are responsible for trash removal and keeping their individual suites clean. Dumpsters are located in the back of the building. Tenants are asked to lock their suite, turn off lights and any electronics prior to leaving their suite. Tenants are responsible for billing and taking payments from their clients. Tenants are responsible for scheduling their clients, confirming appointments, etc. Soul reserves the right to increase rent but will provide a 30-day notice in writing to the tenant. Soul reserves the right to terminate the agreement with 15-day notice. Soul reserves the right to revise any content in this contract at any time. By signing this agreement, Tenant agrees to all current and future Soul rules, restrictions and regulations. All persons practicing in a suite must execute the lease agreement.

Indemnification and Release:

Regardless of whether or not, separate, several, joint or concurrent liability may be imposed upon Soul Wellness, the tenant shall indemnify and hold harmless from and against all damages, claims and liability arising from or connected with the tenant’s control or use of a suite or any area utilized by the tenant including, without limitation, any damage or injury to person or property. If Soul, the tenant shall become a party to litigation commenced by or against client then client shall indemnify and hold Soul harmless. The indemnification provided by this paragraph shall include all legal costs and attorney fees incurred by Soul from all liability for any accident, damage or injury caused to a person or property on or about the center and notwithstanding whether such acts or mission by be active or passive.