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Learn Bars with Certified Facilitator, Naomi Harel.


Step 1. Please go to this link and click on the green “get ticket” button to register and set up an account with Access Consciousness so you can become certified. Please cut and paste link in your browser if you are not able to click through:

Step 2. Please go to this link to complete payment (required before the event) and scroll down to the Bars Class payment. Please cut and paste link in your browser if you are not able to click through:

With the class registration, each attendee will receive:
Full day training, refreshments during class are provided (not lunch)
Videos describing the technique and recommendation for further learning after the class
Receive 2 Bars sessions (see links below of video accounts of changes others experienced with Bars)
Give 2 Bars sessions
Class manual, detailed head charts with Bars points
Learn important and potentially life changing Access Consciousness tools and the Clearing Statement ™
Certification as a Bars practitioner and able to offer sessions at the end of the training
Run Bars for yourself, family, friends or clients
All future Bars classes are half price
Become a Bars Facilitator by taking only two more classes with different instructors
Excellent customer service and extensive support library and resources from Access Consciousness for practitioners choosing to create a Bars Business
Children aged 15 and under can attend for free
Teens aged 16-18 can attend for half price

What a Bars session can change-
We are all unique, and each person’s experience with Bars will be unique to them. Some people have something life changing happen, such as Dr Dain Heer, who prior to his first session had begun to plan his suicide by a set date, and after his session felt happy again for the first time in years and wanted to live, and never considered suicide again. The least change a person may receive is feeling a bit more relaxed. With my first Bars class during the summer of 2020, I felt much more relaxed and hopeful, and my business grew. With each session I notice stress leaving and other heavy energies leaving.

Here are a few videos describing the benefits people have received from Bars

And a review of Bars by a neuroscientist

And an account improvement of symptoms of anxiety and depression published in Psychology Today

Registration and Payment

To register for Bars class July 22, 2023 in Mooresville, NC with Naomi Harel click “read more”
and follow simple prompts to create an account on so you can be certified as a practitioner upon completing the class.

Please pre-register


Jul 22 2023


9:30 am - 5:00 pm



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