Qigong Energy Workshop

Lift your well-being with Qigong’s Four Pillars of vitality in this 4-part Series! The ancient wisdom of this traditional Chinese practice harmonizes body, breath, mind, and energy. Through visualization, breathing, movement, and sound (chanting), Qigong unlocks the power of your inner energy, promoting balance and overall health. Each session we will learn about an aspect of Qigong and then use the movements to focus on one of the four pillars. These gentle and transformative movements can be done by anyone of any age.

Discover the timeless benefits of Qigong – where tradition meets modern well-being!

The gentle movements of Qigong enable the excess energy that we are storing in our bodies as blockages to start moving, and bit by bit to be released. This is based on the understanding that everything is energy. The thoughts we have, the words we use, the experiences we go through, everything vibrates energetically and passes through us. If we resist the thought, the words, or the experience, it gets stuck in our body and becomes a blockage. Most of us have many blockages that start forming from the time we are born. We experience things emotionally that we can’t handle, and so we resist it by suppressing the emotion and storing it as a blockage in our bodies. Unless we are conscious of this, we continue to do this throughout our lives and therefore are always filled with a certain amount of sadness, unhappiness, unease, anxiety, hatred etc. All these kinds of emotions form blockages in our system that often lead to physical disease.

Qigong is a gentle way of releasing the blockages and healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Jan 01 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Classroom 2


Classroom 2
Juila Schmidt


Juila Schmidt

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