Soul Communion

Soul Communion is a Community prayer gathering for the spiritually minded.

Join the discussion, and community as we expand, heal, and evolve. The 1st & 3rd Sunday each month 10 am-12 pm with Brennyn Molloy

This service gathering is for the spiritual explorer, seeker of knowledge and wisdom, who is interested in community, and communion with the like-minded and the Divine. It is our intention to share knowledge, insight, and Love with those on the path of an awakened life in union with their Creator and those who walk the journey with them.

It is our intention to inspire healing and growth in the three critical aspects of a good life from birth to death. Physical wellbeing, Mental wellbeing and Spiritual wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing supports mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing supports spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellbeing supports physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing. We are physical beings using our mental awareness to understand our spiritual potential. The process of being is an evolution of the soul.

We pray you find this a safe space to grow, heal, and connect.

Donations are appreciated.

Please reach us at or 802-353-5495

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Jul 07 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Classroom 2


Classroom 2


Brennyn Molloy

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500 S. Main St., Ste. 113, Mooresville, NC 28115

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